Membership at The Social Scene Club will be unbiased and inclusive*. However each member will have to participate in an interview process and will have to meet member requirements. This is to ensure our members can maximize the benefits of being a member of The Social Scene Club.  

*Aggressive and/or self-injurious behavior will not be tolerated at The Social Scene

Membership Requirements
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be independent with self-help skills
  • Must be able, comfortable, and most importantly, willing to participate in group activities
Membership Benefits
  • Daily snacks and beverages
  • Access to the 
  1. Entertainment Lounge
  2. Creation Station
  3. Book Nook
  4. Health and Wellness Corner
  5. Kitchen Area
  • Extended Friday Hours twice a month**
  • Summer Social hours**
  • Meal Plan**
  • Day hours during certain holidays and school/program closings**
  • Access to courtyard and river walk
  • Inclusive social opportunities
  • Reinforcement and “real life” practice/teaching of daily living skills, social skills, and community-based skills
  • Daily scheduled activities*

** At times, there may be an additional fee for extended hours, holidays, summer hours, meal plan, and special activities.
Notice will be given in advance.

Membership Rates

Please call or email The Social Scene Club for rates. Below are the types of memberships we offer:

Daily Membership 

Weekly Membership 

Monthly Membership*

The Social Scene is an inclusive socialization opportunity for adults with special needs and neurotypical peers.

*Meal Plan is included with Monthly Memberships

Meal Plan – “Culinary Crew”

Culinary Crew $5 per day

Members have the opportunity to assist in the planning, preparation and execution of the meal.

For $5 per day, Daily/Weekly members can opt in to any, or all, of the meals planned that week. 

It is our philosophy that meal prep and dining are social activities that help foster independence and friendships. Below is a sample of our weekly menu: