Due to COVID 19 – where, when and how we operate my look a little different, but our inspiration, story, and philosophy of service remains the same. We hope to open our doors again soon, and feel keeping our information regarding our physical space and offerings is important. At the same time, we are proudly launching a virtual component of our membership, in order to boost and sustain our core theme of bringing people together, being engaged, and feeling connected. We encourage you to click on SOCIAL E-SCENE in the menu bar for more information. 

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Located at:

601 Riverside Avenue, Unit 120
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

We are in a ground level commercial space, in a residential high rise, close to shops, a salon, restaurants, and a public park. 

Who we are

The Social Scene Club is a public social community, bringing diverse people together. Now…virtually too. 

The Social Scene Club and the Social e-Scene is a place where members can:

  • Socialize
  • Exercise
  • Learn or refine skills (life skills, money management, social skills, workforce readiness, cooking skills, etc.)
  • Participate in Cooking Lessons**
  • Create
  • Teach
  • Be active in the community

We provide a natural, safe and comfortable environment for our members to be themselves with their friends and peers.


All levels are invited to participate. Cooking is a two hour class, Monday thru Friday for $50 per day – WHEN WE ARE ONSITE.  The class fee includes, instruction, ingredients, kitchen tools and eating. Skills will be assesed in the begining, and built on to improve. This class is ongoing and will continually build confidence in the kitchen and foster independence and enhance or teach new skills. Including but not limited to; baisc kitchen safety, knife skills, meal planning, meal prep, purchasing, table setting, portion control, healthy eating options,  etc.  

What to expect

Our Club creates awareness and comfort between adults without special needs and those with, through:

  • A variety of daily activities offered, which members can choose from, to participate in.
  • A social and/or virtual community, where members of all different, socio/economic/developmental backgrounds, physical abitilities, and walks of life can come together to learn, teach, build meaningful relationships, and have fun.
  • An energetic, positive and devoted staff.
Our inspiration

Nikki is a young lady, that has really been a part of our family for the last 15 years. She and Melissa first met when Nikki was 7, and her parents needed someone to watch her after school. What began as a great working relationship, evolved into a sisterhood and a bond, filled with love, respect and most importantly inspiration which continues to this day. Nikki has taught us anything is possible, the value of true friendship, and what it means to see people for WHO they are…not what they have.